Our Mission

through policy work to advocate for gender equality at local, regional and global levels

  • to ensure accountability of national, regional and global actors in the area of women’s rights and gender equality
  • secure equal opportunities to access sources
  • eliminate neo-conservative tendencies
  • fight violence against women
  • promote social inclusion
  • foster gender mainstreaming and enforcement
    of principle of equal opportunities

Working together is always better

no more empty promises

no more lip service

no more talking without walking!


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1. Development Cooperation and Gender
IGPN focused on advocacy work on promoting gender sensitivity of
sources coming from EU and state budgets towards development.. Apart
of gender expertise of IGPN we built our involvement on the structural
base that IGPN associates countries on both sides – donnors and
beneficiaries of development aid.
IGPN member organizations prepared and introduced national reports
on Official Development Aid, assessing the situation in the respective
country from the gender perspective and drafting recommendations for
stakeholders (using the same methodology). IGPN members organized
advocacy events (according the situation in the country). Based on those activities IGPN members either engaged in joining the development platforms (associating the NGOs working on development projects) in the respective country or due to the critical statements towards development platform continued to work on their own.
At the regional level, based on the national findings, IGPN prepared
regional report on Official Development Aid and its short version for
advocacy purposes. Regional report together with national reports was
disseminated widely and presented in various connected events in
countries and in Brussels.

2. Dissemination and further advocacy with the outcomes of the Equal Opportunities for Women and Men Network project (EONET)
In the EU pre-accession and post-accession process, the situation of equal opportunities of men and women was monitored in the countries of accession and South Eastern Europe, framed by the EU legislation and policy. Three comprehensive reports were published and introduced to the expert’s public in order to bring attention to the discrepancies between law and practice in the respective area, significantly influencing the development of democracy. Further advocacy work with the information revealed in the reports continues and the recommendations included into the report are creating base for lobbying at the national and EU level for implementation of legal changes and practical measures.

For EOWM Reports please click here

3. Promoting social justice through women’s rights documentaries
In the NIS, complex project was implemented introducing women’s rights abuse and its shapes by documentary movies. The outreach was secured by presentation of the films and emerging issues at various international forums and festivals, followed by the discussions with represented experts from the region.

Similar problems, similar goals

Backgroud information

The International Gender Policy Network is a non-profit, non-governmental network organization aiming at promoting gender equitable and gender sensitive public policy at all levels of global society. IGPN advocates for the inclusion of women’s human rights into the national, regional and global policy agenda and for full implementation of social, economic and culture rights of women. We are situated all over Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

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