Our Mission

through policy work to advocate for gender equality at local, regional and global levels

  • to ensure accountability of national, regional and global actors in the area of women’s rights and gender equality
  • secure equal opportunities to access sources
  • eliminate neo-conservative tendencies
  • fight violence against women
  • promote social inclusion
  • foster gender mainstreaming and enforcement
    of principle of equal opportunities

Working together is always better

no more empty promises

no more lip service

no more talking without walking!


The International Gender Policy Network (IGPN) is a membership based, non-governmental organization and has been established in autumn 2005 in order to strengthen and foster the policy work impact of the woman’s movement and to ensure the sustainability of women’s movements in the Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Network of partners, formely affiliated to the Network Women’s Program of the Open Society Institute (NWP OSI) and actively collaborating with the NWP OSI through national offices of the Open Society Institutes and later directly, as independent NGOs, conceptualized its cooperation and structure into common goals and mission.

The legacy of common work, experience and achievements and shared vision of substantial social change in terms of women’s rights promotion, gathered under the umbrella of the NWP, were the main components of the decision to continue collaboration and advocate for inclusion of women’s human rights into the national, regional and global policy agenda.

Similar problems, similar goals

Backgroud information

The International Gender Policy Network is a non-profit, non-governmental network organization aiming at promoting gender equitable and gender sensitive public policy at all levels of global society. IGPN advocates for the inclusion of women’s human rights into the national, regional and global policy agenda and for full implementation of social, economic and culture rights of women. We are situated all over Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

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