IGPN fulfills its goals through

  • Conducting policy research and analyses to ensure monitoring and accountability of the major agreements in the area of women’s rights and gender equality.
  • Contribution to national, regional, and global public policies on gender equality.
  • Promotion of effective and responsible gender mainstreaming strategies.
  • Strategic engagement of multiple stakeholders in advancement of women’s rights (including civil society organizations and networks, governments, international agencies, donors, etc.).

Working together is always better

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IGPN main activities on political participation of women at the end of 2010

1. Campaign supporting political participation of women in autumn 2010 elections in different regions of Azerbaijan

2. Round table with politicisians and political parties in Kazakhstan - as an outcome of this activity members of political parties and NGOs signed common opinion and recommendations for political parties and politicisians of Kazakhstan regarding political participation of women which was broadly distributed.

3. Trainings on women’s political participation for 34 groups of IDP/conflicts‘ affected women/community representatives in 7 different regions of Georgia
Our goal was the empowerment of most isolated and poorest part of the society, for economic activism and social and political participation.
The core of the methodology is creation, organizational development and education of the Self-Help Groups (from 5 to 10 participants in each) under continuous supervision of community workers and project leadership.

4. Research and analysis of the role of women in autumn 2010 local elections in Ukraine and presentation of the data to the media and public (enclosed press release)


5. IGPN trainers from Lithuania prepared metodology for a training for trainers with title „Public education on municipal issues: all politics is local“. The training was organized in Ukraine on December 13-15, 2010 for 20 trainers from 6 different regions of Ukraine. The
participants have obtained knowledge on gender regimes, plurality of gender equality policies and women leaders’ role on building state policy discourse based on transformative approach to gender equality. Trainers have got practical skills to recognize and resist ruler techniques which make obstacles for women leadership and political participation.
Participants discussed and exchanged their experiences on issues of promoting gender equality, women’s political participation and leadership.
Training has facilitated in building informal trainers network in Ukraine.

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Similar problems, similar goals



Blog on Peace-building


As a result of IGPN project on peace-building there was created young professionals network to contribute to the regional peace-building process in the South Caucasus – Young women experts for peace and security (YWEPS). We would like to introduce you blog on this very actual topic prepared by the network members. http://youngwomenexperts.blogspot.cz/

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